The managers of companies may not have a profound knowledge of fire safety rules and regulations. However, they are held responsible by the law for implementing the rules of fire prevention in the workplace, which is just fair given the fact that it takes a responsible leader with decision making powers to take substantive measures in order to protect people and assets from fires.

If you are unfamiliar with the fire safety requirements applicable to your company, click on the link for our brief information.



We offer the following services in the field of fire safety


  • Provide comprehensive fire safety consultancy
  • Prepare and review fire safety regulations (for facilities and events)
  • Conduct and document fire safety trainings
  • Prepare and manage fire safety examinations
  • Provide fire hazard classification of items
  • Inspect and maintain fire extinguishers and fire hydrants
  • Inspect heavy-current equipment for fire protection
  • Conduct lighting protection measurements
  • Perform activities of fire safety experts