Our accounting services provide solutions for the conduct/support of financial and bookkeeping activities in your company.





  • Accounting for companies (double-entry)
  • Accounting of export and import transactions
  • Accounting and reporting in foreign currencies (e.g. in EUR)
  • Remote (hosted) accounting with instant internet access
  • Remote accounting through the ERP system used in your company
  •  Through the use of accounting software (e.g. Kulcs-Soft) we provide the capability of data transfer between systems (e.g. the transfer of customer invoices).
  • We provide clients' employees with access to our software for the purposes of entering invoices and querying analytics. Software training is available.
  • As required we provide on-the-spot presence for the purpose of entering invoices in the company accounts. This eliminates the need for moving documents around, which is of great importance for many companies.
  • Preparation of balance sheets and tax returns from the data provided
  • Tax and management consultancy
  • Participation in audits
  • Retrospective accounting, revisiting of accounts
  • Preparation of interim reports


Modern bookkeeping is unimaginable without a proper IT background.

Our system is shaped to provide multi-level solutions to satisfy the growing needs of your company.

We have five chartered accountants and two tax advisers available on our team.

We have partner relationships with auditors; as necessary, we provide mediation services.

We provide accounting services in the area of the following towns: Abony, Albertirsa, Alsónémedi, Budapest, Cegléd, Dabas, Dunaharaszti, Gomba, Gyömrő, Monor, Nagykáta, Nagykőrös, Péteri, Ráckeve, Szigethalom, Szigetszentmiklós, Tököl, Üllő, Vecsés, and primarily in towns of Pest County.